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Writer and Broadcaster Jason Day was born and raised in Scunthorpe, where he lived for nearly thirty years until moving to Essex. Jason was the longest serving feature writer for ‘Paranormal’ magazine (March 2006 – January 2008), the largest monthly paranormal publication of its kind in the UK at the time, writing over twenty articles during that period. He has also been a regular contributor to paranormal publications such as ‘FATE’ magazine in the USA (the longest running paranormal magazine in the world) and ‘Ghost Voices’ magazine in the UK. Jason also works with others in the written media, including some very prominent names in the paranormal community. Jason has also been commissioned to write two books for The History Press, ‘Haunted Scunthorpe’ (21st September 2010 release) and ‘Paranormal Essex’ (2011 release).

His interest in the paranormal was sparked by his love of film and passion for reading. Jason grew up on a staple diet of ‘Hammer Horror’ movies and the written works of Peter Underwood, Dr Hans Holzer and Harry Price. With the advent of television shows such as ‘Arthur C Clarke’s Mysterious World’ and ‘Strange But True’ Jason was hooked. He decided to begin researching and investigating cases of the paranormal for himself and the fuse was lit.

Jason’s experience working in the paranormal field has been varied, ranging from being a regular co-host on the ‘Friday Night Paranormal Show’ on Pulse Talk Radio to being the featured article writer for the paranormal reference website Jason is also the chief consultant for the Famously Haunted Awards organisation on MySpace. He has been a guest on several radio shows, appeared at several paranormal events and given lectures about his work within the paranormal field and the subject of the paranormal in general.

Jason currently hosts ‘The White Noise Paranormal Radio Show' on Blog Talk Radio and has interviewed such figures in the paranormal community as James Randi, Dr Ciaran O’Keeffe, Derek Acorah, Lorraine Warren, Nick Pope, Stanton Friedman, Richard Wiseman, Ian Lawman, Jason Karl and Richard Felix. Now in it’s Third Series and well on it’s way to a hundred episodes, The show can be found live online every Friday night from 10pm-Midnight on the Blog Talk Radio website at or alternatively at the Official White Noise Radio Show Website ( Jason and the show recently won two awards at the International Paranormal Acknowledgment Awards 2009. Jason was named Best International Paranormal Radio Show Host and The White Noise Paranormal Radio Show was voted Best International Paranormal Radio Program.

One of three founding members of a small not for profit based in Essex, paranormal investigation team by the name of S.P.I.R.I.T (Society for Paranormal Investigation, Research, Information & Truth - established March 2006), Jason’s commitment to researching, investigating and the search to explain the paranormal continues. You can find out more about Jason at his Official website (