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"It’s Only A Movie…Isn’t It? Is a creepy concoction of urban myths, facts and fantasy surrounding the films we all know and love. For anyone who loves the paranormal this is a ‘must add’ title to your library" - Jason Karl, Paranormal Researcher, Author and Television presenter.

“To be honest, I’ve never seen a book that takes this sort of approach before. It’s extremely well-written and it was a real pleasure to contribute to it. Jason is a solid researcher and deserves real credit for this. It’s Only a Movie…Isn’t It? is simply superb” - Mike Hallowell, Paranormal Investigator, Researcher and Author.

 “This book has been a long time in coming, and is the first of its kind. It looks into the links between movies and alleged real-life paranormal phenomena.  As a movie buff myself, particularly in the horror/paranormal genres, I am more than pleased to see that this book has eventually been released, and am thrilled to have been able to contribute to it.  This book really does deserve the widest possible readershipDarren Ritson, Paranormal Investigator, Researcher and Author.

"A stonker of a read that encapsulates the mind with it’s controversial approach. Jason Day has weaved in equal portions fable with fact and expert opinion to bring you this book with a difference that will undoubtedly challenge every shred of the sceptical you" – Lara Wells, Award winning Psychic Medium and Writer.

"Don’t think about it, just buy it…a great read" – Kyle Murray, Scunthorpe – England.

“Having experienced Paranormal happenings as a child I was naturally curious to see movies that were focused on the Paranormal ESPECIALLY movies that boasted "Based on a true story". Unfortunately, to make the box office money the "true" story is always twisted and you feel somewhat robbed. When I read Jason's book, I was ecstatic to see that FINALLY someone has shed some light on the TRUTH behind a lot of the Paranormal based films. Backed up with expert opinions from the likes of Jason Karl and James Randi, plus plenty of other experts in the paranormal field, Jason has truly captured the truth and provided readers with the answers they seek. I recommend this book to any person that has an interest in the Paranormal or ever watched these “true stories” at the movies. It truly is a fantastic read!!” – Tara Edge, Sydney – Australia.